‘Structure For Use’ by Jeonghwa Seo

‘Structure For Use’ by Jeonghwa Seo

‘Structure For Use’ collection by Jeonghwa Seo is a series of benches with elongated tubular legs made from cast aluminium or brass.

South Korean designer has created a series of objects that explore the structure and shapes of seating, with the aim of finding an uncommon form. Solid rosewood or basalt tops are paired with these in a variety of shapes and configurations, including benches that partially stack and seats with side tables.

“I wanted to look at the basics of design such as materiality, form and shape,” said Seo. “I tried to explore the structural aesthetics in this series, in order to find the balance and proper durability of furniture.”

The Rosewood on Brass Bench is made with bent and welded brass sheet topped with solid rosewood. The Aluminium and Basalt Bench is made with cast aluminium that is sandpapered by hand. It is available with and without a side table, a high seat and a low seat. The additions stack onto the bench, often with one leg resting on its surface and the other on the floor.

The designer developed the project from his Material Container Series, which consisted of stools and tables made from 12 different materials. These included two types of stone, five types of wood and three types of metal, as well as woven rush and acrylic, in 15 different combinations.