The Mysterious Life of George Soros (2021)


Enigmatic financier George Soros became one of the most notorious billionaires on Wall Street. But looking beyond his high-flying career, we find a secretive past which led to some of the most unorthodox money-making schemes imaginable, before using his fortune to enact regime change operations through a vast NGO network…

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Hungary’s Viktor Orban Wins in Landmark Election

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban secured a fifth overall term as the country’s leader, after his Fidesz party won a two-thirds majority – a result which has rattled the ruling liberal power base in Brussels, who are now worried about Orban’s overwhelming conservative mandate. Orban outmatched opposition challengers, despite being…

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Anti-Semite George Soros destroy the world

George Soros and his friends have been creating chaos promoting fake black blocs anarchic communism ecology coming all from young rich capitalist families to bet against this same countries to make money on New York stock market with debt and currencies countries… Soros is an assassin, an anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and…

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