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Pirro Utopian Magazine Enri Mato


The Underwater collection is inspired by the creatures of the underwater world. The philosophy of this collection is the organic forms of the stones used, as well as the sculptural textures that mimic the unique imperfections of nature brought into a contemporary form.

The biological metamorphosis of underwater nature is translated into the ethos of this collection.
Tropical colors resonate with exotic flora and the artistic ecosystem of marine fauna.

Irregular stones, accompanied by stones and exotic textures give the experience of forgotten islands and their pristine habitat.

PIRRO History

It all started through a valuable project during the years ’86 -87, to make the emblem of the 9th Congress at the time. Dreams and passion after studies in mechanical engineering branch started to materialize with this special work for which a customized pantograph machinery was created for works in miniature. The emblem of the Congress marked the first success of Pirro, highlighting his detailed and creative work, and not only!

The grateful rating by government institutions, created further continuity in the organization of the first exhibition of gold in Albania with the participation of well-known personalities. The first exhibition was followed by several work experiences and special customized orders. PIRRO laid the foundation of what today is the artistic and design industry!

The investment in ’94 -95, to build his great and visionary project, began to take life by a German loan for the purchase of the technological set for the first gold laboratory in our country, that marks the beginning of the activity. We continue to rely every year of our work, in the spirit of modern technology and the best standard for our unique products.

The beginnings of the first works in jewelry for individuals were mainly in silver and gold, while the seal of quality in ’96 –‘97 stands on the medals for the presidency; artworks which named another era of creativity and modernization of the image of the state institutions.

PIRRO continued to be devoted to avant-garde and qualitative modeling aesthetic products, therefore we have kept the quality of the precious crown of Miss Albania for years, since 1998. A success formula that created the aura of prestige in design and precious stones.

The evolution of PIRRO‘s brought not only a large number of employees of the artistic work, but became a real art school for anyone who today creates, works and commits to our firm. PIRRO was born because of a dream, while it grew through much work, passion and a project that is inherited through generations as a magical place to produce art and aesthetic.

The technology and innovations that come out of it in our work, constitute one of the most important elements in what we value in sustainability to first quality. This led to a considerable increase in demand for PIRRO products both inside and outside the country. Our investment lies in improving the quality and providing a successful and sustainable model of how PIRRO can endure the longevity of design and trends.

The network of PIRRO shops today lies in main Laboratory, Showroom and Rruga e Kavajes. Our primary contact point is the Laboratory, where different customers rather than make a valuable purchase, pay attention to the manufactory and the environments where creativity and passion flows; and to the discussions and consultation with the professional staff who offer their best and most suitable ideas for jewelry and personalized gifts.

Interview with Alba Ruco, Brand Director & Gemologist
Artistic Jewellery Pirro

Alba Ruco

How do you define yourself?
An art enthusiast.

What inspires you? Is there a particular era, person, or place that you gravitate towards?
I get inspired almost every day, even through little acquaintances. Travelling and nature are my best companions. I haunt nature imperfection and asymmetry, colours and scents that elevate my senses, and that make me think endlessly, gradually building up ideas.

How did your love affair with jewellery begin?
My mother always complained I was a pain in experimenting different techniques of wearing jewellery when I was little. I would dare to assemble some weird pieces that she wanted to recycle, for the sake of being unique pieces that matched my teen style.

I believe that jewellery should fulfill the wearer with energy, creating a fun, personal, and highly artistic sense of style.

This personal touch comes from a craftsmanship process grounded in traditional works of art, even though little, but wearable and functional.

How did your career develop after graduating from the GIA?
I always practiced while studying, and that is what really helped me finalise the gemology course on time. I tend to think I will always remain a student, so for me graduating were just some days in my life. The next day, i wake up to learn again as an ongoing process. Gemology is not an exact science, so that leaves a lot of room for my imagination and creativity.

Tell me about the evolution and range of your styles of jewellery.
People have shifted towards meaningful choices, demanding real symbolism behind every piece they wear. My passion for vintage jewellery has encouraged me to further explore ways of making jewellery. I love making high end and unique pieces with fairtrade, unexpected materials like rough and imperfect gems, which seem perfect to me. Nature is my greatest influencer, also different aspects of art.

Colour is big in this new collection. What inspired you to open up your colour palette in this exciting way?
Colour is inevitable when talking about the exciting world of the sea creatures. Textures are a big factor in this collection, featuring organic matt and irregular lines to create the wearable little sculptures. Our latest innvative technique of gold plating in different colours is also used to add natural beauty to underwater collection.

What can we expect next from you Alba?
We will continue to focus on the high end jewellery making, bringing the styles as close to people emotions and experiences. Sculptural artistic creations will continue to amaze us in every dimension, and hopefully we will translate  it into values and further innovations.

Enri Mato is an urban architect and photographer born in 1986 into a family of artists. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorer, who worked at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He grew up in Tirana, where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age.