Vanessa Demouy: why did Nicolas Sarkozy visit her at the maternity ward?

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In 2011, Vanessa Demouy gave birth to her daughter Sharlie, the fruit of her marriage to Philippe Lellouche. And Nicolas Sarkozy had been the first to visit the little girl. A memorable memory!

Vanessa Demouy is a fulfilled mother. Star of the soap opera Here it all begins, the interpreter of Rose Latour has two children: Solal, 18 years old and Sharlie, 10 years old. They are both the fruits of his relationship with Philippe Lellouche. A love story that ended in 2017, after fifteen years of living together. “As I had not married to divorce one day, as I fought for a long time for my couple to resist, it was not easy to live. It takes two to want”, explained Vanessa Demouy to Gala. And to add in the podcast Parents first of Télé-Loisirs: “Me, what helped me in my relationship with my children, it is to be honest, vis-à-vis them but also of me”.

Even if Vanessa Demouy and Philippe Lellouche have been separated for several years now, they are still not officially divorced. “Divorce in France is long, my god! Having children is complicated, but having separated children is even more so. I do as well as I can with what I am. And I think my future ex-husband thinks exactly the same thing”, affirmed the sidekick of Ingrid Chauvin.

The coincidence of the calendar
And there are of course moments in her love story with Philippe Lellouche that Vanessa Demouy will never forget. In particular the birth of their daughter Sharlie, which was marked by Nicolas Sarkozy’s personal visit to the maternity ward! The girl was born on the night of May 4 to 5, 2011 at the polyclinic of the Forest (Seine-et-Marne). And the chance of the calendar made that this birth coincided with the presidential visit of the maternity ward.

“It’s pure coincidence. The day before, Vanessa having contractions, we went to the clinic. There, we were told that we had to stay there because, the next day, we could no longer access the premises because of the visit of the president. My daughter’s first visitor was Nicolas Sarkozy. It’s super chic!”, had told Philippe Lellouche with the Parisian. A landmark event that former lovers will never forget.

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