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We Become Spiritually Connected

We Become Spiritually Connected

Aged 27, Amandine Noworyta, model and actress in heart is now part of the Paris theater family. Starring in Dennis Berry’s new movie, inspired from Leon Tolstoï, The devil’ novel. Also she was part in different french movies like: Les Ronds Points De L’hiver of Louis Seguin and Laura Tuillier, Parenthese de Bernard Tanguy, Le guetteur de Michèle Placido  and Kerozene de Joachim Weissman. Amandine the french actress will be climbing those thirds play in theaters with the principal actors Bernard Menez and Florence Brumold directed by Luq Hamet.

Text by Enri Mato

arthur hubert legrand

Are you ready to answer any questions or are you gonna hide your life?
I am willing to answer your questions but I might keep some secrets !;)

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
What definitely turns me on is when I see a creative artistic projects emerge and I can be a part of it, what a thrill!!!  Especially when it is a team work because for me cooperation of talented individuals enhances the beauty of the achievement. Typically it can be a wonderful movie, or a dazzling theater play.

What turns you off?
Narrow minded people and spinach!

What is your favorite virtue?
I am genuinely kind with people but, only the ones who deserve it 😉 

What do you think about instagram?
You can connect with people so easily, that is amazing! It is also a way to show your areas of interest, your artistic achievements. Beauty lies in every corner there. But it can  sometimes be so addictive….and prevent you from living a moment or benefiting from situations around you.

Virtual or reality?
There are days where I would prefer to live in a surreal world, full of the Disney animations movies I prefer, kingdom of my childhood. Virtual world allow you to escape from harsh reality when you are down or sad. So I think the two options are complementary.

Confess something which, if you reveal, would hurt someone?
Even if I had something, I would not tell you. Hum, what did you expect? #nicolekindschweppes

What do you do for a living?
I am an actress and a model and I intend to start my own line of business with original swimsuits 🩱 

Would you go to a nude beach?
I could go if I had to but I am not into that I like to keep my intimate parts covered. I am a little shy from that prospective I think it is more exciting to imagine and wonder than to see… 

What kind of underwear do u wear most?
Comfortable and minimalist like sexy underwear like Victoria’s secret but I am not into sophisticated lingerie I think I don’t need that to seduce somebody :-))

If you had to pick, would you be a dominatrix or a submissive?
I liked watching Fifty Shades of Grey but I would not like to be into this king of relations so my only choice would be to run away.

Do you have any relationship at the moment?
Next question 😉

What do you want your future husband to be like?
Kind, intellectually brilliant, funny, creative#whereisthecharmingprince? #Ilostmyshoe

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What are the situations that make you angry?
When a person lies to me. I hate this. I prefer to know the truth and deal with it even if it is hard to hear.

Sex for you in 2020?
Why not ? Sex is a fulfilling part of a romance situation but is generally not interesting outside these situations.

What do you think about people who lost our codes? 
It is their problem and I have no problem with that, as long as it makes them happy and it does not harm me#freedoom.

Are you ready to fight for a cause, which one?  
For my happiness…and for the one of the people I love…

For or against prostitution?
Absolutely against whatever is the situation…the fact that others do it does not concern me. It only makes me sad because it reminds me of violation situations and I think a woman should never be led to force herself to make love. 

Are you happy today?
No I am often dissatisfied, it is my second nature, unless I sign tomorrow to act in Sofia Coppola’s next movie ! Acting is the essence of my happiness and my life revolves around i

What you can say to your followers?
Follow me …for the worse and the best I want them to be glued to my profile and be faithful to me because I am doing so many efforts to please them with my publications:-)

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