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Xavier Hufkens’ new gallery space bolsters Brussels’ art scene

Xavier Hufkens’ new gallery space bolsters Brussels’ art scene

Belgian contemporary art gallery, Xavier Hufkens opened a third exhibition space on 18 June at 44 rue Van Eyck, in the heart of Brussels; just a two-minute walk from its existing spaces on rue St-Georges.

Thanks to the impressive floor-to-ceiling window, the front gallery is visible from the street, and illuminated by abundant natural light.

Xavier Hufkens. Photography: Jean-Francois Jaussaud. Courtesy Xavier Hufkens, Brussel

With the new space comes increased opportunity for experimentation and conversation. ‘I want it to be a place where artists, art enthusiasts, collectors and students come together around inspiring exhibitions,’ says the gallery’s namesake founder.

Consisting of three-dimensional wooden assemblages covered in dark green, red, brown, blue and yellow paint, each piece draws on the artist’s Widw paintings that were first exhibited on rue St-Georges in 2018. These have been made from discarded wood: heaps of offcuts, broken packing crates, damaged pallets and splintered stretcher frame, all from Ruby’s LA studio; alongside pieces from the barn of Ruby’s late mother. Their rectangular forms and superimposed cross-bar structures suggest windows, which Ruby perceives as openings to alternative societies, and sources of inspiration and light.

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The decision to display artworks in wood is apt considering the construction of the back-of-house spaces. A sliding door at the end reveals a wooden corridor, which leads to the central gallery space.


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