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Youth in revolution

Youth in revolution

“The latest news for the moves of the students show us that the Albanian youth has a good sense for what is real and stands with both feet firmly on the ground.

It has learned to laugh once more. Laugh about these cowardice who are afraid to go in front of them. Because yes, they have many problems, that came from the lack of  organization and the demands of the politicians.

Albanian youth  recognizes a great and powerful battle and affirms it with a courageous and cheerful ‘yes.’ They saw how their comrades in France, but not only have turned against the system, to fight for their rights, to fight against  the crazy and cowardice  politicians and to show that they want the change, they want to change. They want a new world order.

Never was a youth so united, so above every difference of origin and class, so united in a single idea, so aware of their common tasks and duties.

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Because bravery is the noblest expression of our race. 
Only brave people hold their own in life and are truly happy.”

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