Ziyun Zou, Escapism/ Contradictory / Ramstam

Ziyun Zou is a photographer born in China. Based in London. Her works are more about childhood memories and thoughts triggered by personal experiences, involving philosophical or psychological research, and personal insights into human existence’s environment and society.

Utopian Magazine: Describe yourself in three words…
Ziyun Zou: Escapism/ Contradictory / Ramstam

Utopian Magazine: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Ziyun Zou: When I see some art works that resonate. When I observe society and human beings and want to express it.

Utopian Magazine: What turns you off?
Ziyun Zou: When I’m in an extreme mood.

Utopian Magazine: What is your favorite virtue?
Ziyun Zou: Patience

Utopian Magazine: What Is Your Purpose in Life?
Ziyun Zou: I’m not so sure. For now, it’s shout gaining more freedom.

Utopian Magazine: Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?
Ziyun Zou: Yes, as a photographer and director. (Not so ready but trying)

Utopian Magazine: Why Are You Interested in This Role?
Ziyun Zou: Probably because I can express myself more directly through visual art (photography) or storytelling (directing), a feeling that fascinates me.

Utopian Magazine: Are the roles of a Photographer a “duty”?
Ziyun Zou: I think yes, there is a responsibility that the work carries, regardless of the type of photography. Because the photographer is conveying an idea or thought as an observer of human beings and society.

Utopian Magazine: When did you decide to be a photographer and what defined your thinking at that precise moment?
Ziyun Zou: At an earlier period, I studied fashion design and when I was shooting my graduation work, I tried to shoot my own designs and I found photography very interesting. It gave me a lot of room to maneuver in the process, and the “attraction” was crucial to keep me enthusiastic.

Utopian Magazine: What do you feel in the split second you decide to snap the photo? 
Ziyun Zou: The moment I pressed the shutter, I was expectant and curious

Utopian Magazine: If you were curating an exhibition, which artists would you select?
Ziyun Zou: There are so many, so many artists that bring me inspiration and creative energy. So I’ll go with LOUISE BOURGEOIS

Utopian Magazine: Do you think the fashion industry is more or less cynical than when you started working?
Ziyun Zou: It’s always been that way in fashion. Maybe it was different before I was born.

Utopian Magazine: How do you get a picture from your imagination on paper/screen?
Ziyun Zou: There are times when my imagery comes from words, and even though most of the time I’ll have an image sketch of the scene, it won’t look the same in the final presentation.

Utopian Magazine: How the NFT will change the photography medium?
Ziyun Zou: I think for photography there is one more new way to create art.

Utopian Magazine: Is there a point where you will stop taking photos and look for a new medium to communicate your ideas?
Ziyun Zou: Not at the moment, I think there’s just so much to experiment with in terms of photography and then express it through that medium. But I’m also going to experiment with moving images and  film making.

Utopian Magazine: What advice would you give to a young photographer who follow Utopian?
Ziyun Zou: I feel like I’m still in a young photographer phase. Need to experiment more and can’t give valuable advice at this point.

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