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Artiste dans l’âme

Le Divin a créé l’univers, avec ses planètes, sa nature et ses êtres vivants. Parmi ces derniers, il a créé l’Homme à son image : « l’âme est le souffle du Divin dans le corps humain. » Et notamment, l’âme de l’artiste est un réceptacle de la lumière créatrice, énergie motrice de la force créatrice. […]

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Be yourself follow the sun!

The Sun — Charles Baudelaire Along the old street on whose cottages are hung The slatted shutters which hide secret lecheries, When the cruel sun strikes with increased blows The city, the country, the roofs, and the wheat fields, I go alone to try my fanciful fencing, Scenting in every corner the chance of a rhyme, Stumbling over words as over paving stones, Colliding […]

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The last summer

Photographe : Nikolay BarzakovHair & make up : Natasha Tiffin Model : Soraya B Art direction : Enri Mato  Mise en beauté :Ombre à paupière teinte rosé – Too Faced White PeachBase de teint embelliseur – Le Blanc de Chanel Fond de teint – Double Wear Estee LauderLèvre – L’absolu Gloss rôsy – Lancôme

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Merkel and Macron Try to Save Themselves

It was supposed to be the day when President Emmanuel Macron of France received a long-awaited response from Germany on his big ideas on how to rekindle Europe as a force for liberalism in the world. And he did, sort of. But his meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany on Tuesday was overshadowed by […]

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Canada after G7

Considering the copious amount of marijuana that Canadians are known to smoke, the error wasn’t too bad. Maybe if Europe adopted a more liberal approach to marijuana its multicultural issues would subside. Nothing like a ‘more the merrier approach’ to immigration after a few joints have been rolled. The story has since been fixed with a proper Canadian […]

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Great Again

​Trump has even managed to turn the boring stuff of world-leader summitry—usually a tightly scripted, rigidly controlled affair where the outcome is largely determined in advance—into a dramatic event more akin to a prize fight than a nuclear negotiation. And he’s tried to turn his reported lack of preparation or interest in the gritty details […]

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Nisje spektakolare e vitit të Skenderbeut

Është e papranueshme që muslimanët të shohin përpara statujës së Skënderbeut në sheshin Skënderbej. Është e papranueshme që muslimanët të tregojnë përpara Skënderbeut shpinën ku statuja e tij është e mbuluar nga një ekran qesharake. Skënderbeu luftoi dhe i dëboi ata nga Ballkani dhe për të parë sot ata duke treguar mosrespektimin e tyre ndaj […]

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Exclusive Interview of Jarl Ale de Basseville

Photographer : Shoky van der Horst represented by Grooming: Jacques Uzzardi Studio : You are against the system of escorts or prostitution and in your latest work you have been attacking this system? What made you be so against it? How can I not be against it. I am against […]

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Rosanna Arquette’s daughter Zoe Bleu Sidel

“There are characters and dreams that I like to carry with me, through my choice of attire,” says Zoë Bleu, whose style is a striking blend of Edwardian formality and a whimsical otherworldliness. “Depending on the day and how soggy or dry my heart feels, I may become a woman mourning her lover, cloaked in dark […]

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The Lady of the Lake

From underneath an aged oak That slanted from the islet rock, A damsel guider of its way, A little skiff shot to the bay, That round the promontory steep Led its deep line in graceful sweep, Eddying, in almost viewless wave, The weeping willow twig to rave, And kiss, with whispering sound and slow, The […]

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Material girl

Some boys kiss me Some boys hug me I think they’re ok If they don’t give me proper credit I just walk away They can beg and they can plead But they can’t see the light (that’s right) ‘Cause the boy with the cold hard cash Is always Mister Right ‘Cause we are living in […]

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