Marta Bevacqua Utopian Magazine Paris

From Rome to Paris, Marta Bevacqua. interview for Utopian Magazine

Marta Bevacqua is an Italian photographer and director based in Paris. She fell into photography by chance: at sixteen years old she tried her hand at shooting the beautiful women around her; a decision that flourished into her current career in fashion photography. Bevacqua captures impeccable portraits that tell a story of quiet emotion with each subject.

Marta Bevacqua Utopian Magazine Paris

Utopian Magazine: Are you shy?
Marta Bevacqua: I’ve been shy, very very shy in the past. I learned how to avoid being shy and now I’m not shy anymore, even if in some situations I feel like I was before.

Utopian Magazine: Could you say that you feel better when you hide yourself, your shyness, behind the camera. We hide and then we start shooting…
Marta Bevacqua: It’s not hiding. Of course, I prefer to stay behind the camera, but it’s because, in the process of creation, I know that’s my place and I feel more comfortable there.

Utopian Magazine: Which is the most powerful image from the collection for you personally? And why
Marta Bevacqua: Maybe my self-portrait in Svalbard. Because it represents so much to me and I think it’s visible.

Utopian Magazine: Do you have muses?
Marta Bevacqua: Not really, but some girls I love to shoot again and again, yes.
I wouldn’t define them muses, just “friends” .

Utopian Magazine: How do you think Marta’s images impact the 2020 spectator?
Marta Bevacqua: Honestly, 2020 was a very difficult year for everyone, and 2021 is not starting as the best year ahah. I think the spectator needs to see what it makes him feeling better. If some people managed to do this looking at my pictures, then I’m happy!

Marta Bevacqua Utopian Magazine Paris

Utopian Magazine: Do you ever feel objectified?
Marta Bevacqua: Well… no. But it’s because I’ve been lucky. As a woman, I know there are still so many problems and we are far from the real genre equality. Personally, I’ve always felt respected and I am lucky for this.

Utopian Magazine: What do you hope to see happen in the near future?
Marta Bevacqua: The end of covid…?!

Utopian Magazine: How do you generate new ideas?
Marta Bevacqua: Ideas can come in a lot of different ways. I find inspiration everywhere, it can be a beautiful light, a particular model I want to shoot, a spectacular location. It can be a book, a movie, just music. And of course, other artists’ works.

Utopian Magazine: What is your message to the utopian’s readers?
Marta Bevacqua: If you have a dream, just go on and never give up, even if the road is endless.

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