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BREZ is a next-gen social tonic made of micronized full-spectrum hemp

BREZ, innovative beverage, featuring federally legal THC, CBD, and adaptogenic Lion’s Mane mushrooms, aims to provide 21-and-up consumers with the ultimate 1:1 alcohol replacement beverage. BREZ is subtle enough for cannabis-skeptical family members to try while offering a stack-able, ever-ascending experience for the connoisseur.

BREZ is founded by Aaron Nosbisch, CEO of Lucyd, the cannabis industry’s largest social advertising agency, whose clients include Charlotte’s Web, Papa & Barkley, Rose, Cheech & Chong, and many more.

“After years of drinking, I realized that alcohol isn’t the social lubricant I thought it was,” said Aaron Nosbisch, Founder of BREZ. “The ‘confidence’ I was getting only resulted in anxiety and the ‘fun’ I was having led to avoidable hangovers and regrets the next day. As an extrovert who enjoys the social aspect of drinking, I knew there had to be a healthier yet efficacious alternative to disrupt the $1.5-trillion alcohol industry—and it wasn’t going to be a joint. I’m excited to offer a beverage unlike anything consumers have experienced before, and to help revolutionize both the cannabis industry and the alcohol industry.”

BREZ is a next-gen social tonic made of micronized full-spectrum hemp (a federally legal variety of cannabis) and organic Lion’s Mane, an adaptogenic mushroom that is reported to provide a sense of clarity and energy, while the hemp-derived THC and CBD may provide a sense of calm and inspiration. Each 7.5oz can features 25 milligrams of highly concentrated Lion’s Mane craft-extracted from 1600mg of organic fruiting bodies alongside 2.5mg of THC, 5mg of CBD, and 5mg of minor cannabinoids, producing a truly full-spectrum natural entourage experience that sets it apart from all other products on the market.

BREZ is now available for purchase at; the price begins at $24.50 per 6-pack on subscription or $35 per 6-pack à la carte. For more information, visit the brand on their website and follow on social media at @DrinkBREZ.

BREZ is available for direct-to-consumer delivery across 33 states in the U.S., and hopes to act as the catalyst for other brands to follow suit with hemp-derived product offerings that allow for mass consumption as consumers seek better alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

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